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What is Sevenpop BOX?

Sevenpop BOX is more than a music player, it is an ecosystem of music content, digital signage, and mobile interaction for you and your customers... all in a tiny package. The Sevenpop Solution gives you full control and flexibility over what to play and when. Use your own catalog or get our professionally tailored-for-business music channels. Bring the action to your guests as they can use their smartphones to vote-up their favorite songs and share the experience to their social networks. 

What do I need to install it in my venue?

All that is needed is an Internet connection (cable), speakers, and optionally a TV. Plug it in and you're good to go. The rest is done online.

Can it handle multiple venues or zones?

Yes! The system is perfect for multiple zones or venues management, it comes with a powerful control portal where multiple devices are monitored and managed in one place.

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Set the Mood With the Music That is Right for Your Business

The solution that gives you the freedom and flexibility to set the right vibe

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You have your own music collection and the license under control? With the Sevenpop BOX you can upload your catalog and sync it to any of your venues in a click of a button.

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Our professional catalog got your back with numerous constantly-updated channels of top notch tracks, curated by top experts with years of experience and good taste.

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Popular music is not your thing? Our independent catalogs will introduce you to numerous channels of instrumental and vocal tracks from amazing artists. 

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Engage Your Customers

Let your customers use their smartphones to pick the music from your playlist

Make music interactive

Your customers want mobile and social engagement. Let them vote up the songs they like and they will reward you with longer stay and positive feedback.

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iPhone and Android apps

Our ground breaking smartphone app is available for your customers to install and play.

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There’s More!

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Schedule your week to set the right mood for the right time. Use our online visual tool to quickly and easily select what channel plays, when and how loud.

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Digital Signage

Treat your business with a dynamic and engaging visual entertainment that is connected to the music. Display what song is playing and what customers voted for from any tv or monitor.

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Web Control

Play, pause, switch channels. You can do it all and much more from your PC, tablet or phone at anytime and from anywhere using our Web portal.

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Play Offline

The Sevenpop BOX always has your back, even when the internet is down. Unlike streaming our technology synchronizes tracks while online, but keeps playing if the internet goes out.

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Multiple Zones

Have more than one zone? Simply get a device for each zone and manage all of them from single place. Provide staff members with remote control access to one or more zones as needed.

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Running a chain? The Sevenpop system is built for as many venues as needed. Contact us to get our staff to help. 

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